Monday, February 23, 2009

AT&T Flat Call Rate $50 In United States Starts In San Francisco

For the last 24 hours, news has been spreading across the blogosphere via Engadget of the flat call rate of AT&T. It costs $50 per month for unlimited call. The requirements are that you live in San Francisco, and already been a subscriber of AT&T for 22 months, with "good standing". I suppose it simply means you always pay the bill on time, and an average user in terms of the monthly billing value.

It is still unknown whether this flat rate will continue to spread to other major cities nationwide. The era of mass telecommunication service has truly began with this lowered cost, as previously Boost also offered the same flat rate. In the future, data transfer is likely to be the source of revenue for carriers. Well, San Franciscoers better be happy for this, as they can spend hours and hours in their cell with their loved ones! Yaay!! :)

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Motorola E11 Or E12 Pics Leaked In A Chinese Blog

The next Rokr may be just around the corner. UnwiredView spotted several pics of suspected Motorola E11 or E12. The pics are from China. Sample is below.

Although in my opinion, this pic is not very convincing (look at that dirt or sort of worn-out paint in the phone), yet this is very interesting to talk about. It is said to have touchscreen, touch sensitive buttons, and 3,2 MP camera. Let's hope this is not a fake Chinese phone.

Perhaps this will not be a smartphone, considering the history of E-series, that is more mid-end. Let's have a watch on this. In the next few weeks or months, there should be more development.

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Bad breath medicine, or check it first with Nokia N95

If you have bad breath, what will you do. Perhaps you take a mouthwash like Listerine. And it's gone. Or may be you go to a doctor, if the bad breath does not go away. But, this is a high tech era, so your phone might be just the right assistance.

With Nokia N95 equipped with the bad-breath chip detector technology from AND, now your Nokia N95 can detect bad breath and tells you what's wrong with your body, based on the smart sensor chip inside your phone. There will be a small hole created that you can blow into, to enable the scanning.

It can scan what gases contained in your breath, and then gives option whether you would like to wirelessly notify your physician, and show you what disease you have.

I am not sure this will be very popular among youths. But may be among adult people like age 40 and above, this application can be very useful.

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Samsung S5600 The Touchscreen Touch Wiz UI Middle Clazz

Although all our attention seem to be focused at Samsung OmniaHD, UnwiredView highlights more of Samsung S5600, the middle class touchscreen phone from Samsung.

Although it does not come with Windows Mobile, Samsung S5600 provides quite great look and 3 mp camera. It also has the well known Touch Wiz UI, the smart interface of today's high end Samsung cellphones.

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HTC TouchPro 2 Will Be Available Worlwide

HTC has announced via its Twitter that the upcoming HTC TouchPro2 will be available worldwide. This time the TouchPro2 looks much more ergonomic, with rounded edges, and also with the HTC-pioneered horizontal sliding keypad.

There are no news of its features yet, but we'd better expect standard smartphone features such as office document editors, HSDPA, Win-mo 6.5, Wifi, Bluetooth, fast processor and big ram. Also interesting to think about the megapixel camera. Following HTC's comment on the megapixel race, we can expect the camera will be around 5-6 mp and no more.

Well, let's wait for this baby rolling!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Motorola Ruby RAZR3 Appears Again

The people at UnwiredView shows to the world, that the once cancelled Motorola Ruby, now appears again in a press shot.

The phone looks exactly similar like Motorola V3xx, the HSDPA phone. Being member of the Razr family, it is very "Motorola", and sticks to the original flavor. It shows nice and sharp display, and seems to have Symbian UIQ.

Here are the thumbnailed pics (click for bigger images) :

Hmm lovely. I think I love this phone, and will definitely check out the detailed specs once it is available. It seems to be a decent and no-frills Motorola. The reincarnation of the legendary V3.

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LG Versa Pictures Unboxed

Apparently, someone has sent a picture to PhoneArena, of an LG Versa, unboxed before March 1st, the official launch day. The phone looks nice and elegant, and the display seems very promising and looks to be one of the best in the market.

From the pics, we can see that thera are not much included in the box. Charger, and perhaps a CD or two for apps, but nothing more. Seems LG also tries cutting cost in this tough economy.

Check more pics at Phone Arena.

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Conduit The Experimental Design Phone

While it is one thing to push innovation, it is quite another to make an idea workable and useful. Designer Tirshathah Hunter surely practiced the out-of-the-box thinking while designing this Pantech Conduit concept phone.

The Conduit consists of three cigar-like shapes. Two of them could be detached from one 'cigar' controller. The other two are holding rollable screen, that can be stretched out like this :

A more detailed exploded view :

While it is quite believable that the device will be able to connect seamlessly using Bluetooth, but one question remains on the rollable screen. What material is it, and is it comercially viable? The built-in keypad also looks miserable. It certainly could be better than that. At least we expect ordinary alphanumeric keypad in this thing, not the jumbled six buttons that hold all characters.

Anyway, we must praise designer Tirshathah Hunter for this bold design, though may be not very much implementable.

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iPhone Contenders, compiled by RBC

So hot iPhone is to the stock market, that even a bank like RBC cares to put up a special comparison chart here.

From the chart, we can see that it's a really fierce and dog-eat-dog competition among smartphones. Samsung OmniaHD, HTC Magic, LG GM730, HTC Touch Diamond2, and Palm Pre are among the strongest competitors of Apple.

The analyst of Royal Bank of Canada, Michael Abramsky wrote :
"Some -- notably Google, Palm, Microsoft, HTC -- appears to offer 'good enough' functional alternatives, including PC-like internet browsing, consumer UI/navigation, touch manipulation, messaging, applications/services, carrier functionality -- with alternative hardware form factors (e.g. keyboards, sliders, etc) that may appeal to some potential iPhone customers,"

Facing the heavy competition, Apple is likely to devise a pricing tactic either on the hardware itself (reduce price), or playing around with cheaper data plan, as stated by Zach Spear of Appleinsider :
Earlier this month, both Kaufman Bros' Shaw Wu and Bernstein's Toni Sacconaghi issued similar comments. Wu cited sources who said Apple and AT&T were discussing the possibility of offering customers more data plan options, including some restrictive but more affordable plans, while Sacconaghi simply cited comments from a one-on-one meeting with Apple's acting chief executive Tim Cook that suggest the company is looking into "different pricing/price points" for the hardware itself.

Sure, we can't wait to get a cheaper iPhone. But price alone won't win our heart. Features do. Perhaps Palm Pre with intuitive and fluid interface, and Samsung OmniaHD with its high-def video recording, they do really have a chance to kill iPhone now.

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Comics For Your Cellphones Will Be Soon Available

With the ubiquity of smartphones or feature phones which have big displays, it is highly desirable if we can read comics in it. Yes, we can manually scan our comics and crop the images, and read it in the phone's picture viewer. But there is smarter alternative.

According to a Trendhunter's post, digital comic is readily available for Android based smartphone, which in this case, for now, is the TMobile G1. The title is "HEXED", and will also be available in the iPhone Apps Store.

Great innovation done by people at BOOM! Studios and iVerse Media, who released this comic. We can't wait the next Superman and Spiderman, too! Save the environment by using less paper, and the most important, immortalizing our comic collection to our lovely gadget : the smartphones.

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